Tuesday, January 7

Bringing in 2014 with classics.

Coming into this new year 2014 was awesome.  I didn't plan anything and yet everything happened as it should have. 
The year ended with spending time with family in Kansas City Missouri and going for the One thing IHOP conference. Did I mention it was my first time with snow. Like real snow not Houston slush things. I've seen snow on TV, from my window seat on a plane and I saw it in real life! LOL. I don't care, I was ecstatic! 

January 1st. 
Well in our house, January 1st is not just the beginning of the year but it is also mama's day. And she decided to have people over,  which means we spent most of the day prepping and cooking which meant that I didn't have time to sort out an outfit.  
This is typically how I dress. There's always a really good designer label on me and then there's a look alike or some random bargain steal from Walmart.  I am always so excited to say how much I paid for my stuff because I am usually shocked at how much you can get away with if you are looking for a steal!
The top was a steal from the boutique called "Moms Closet". I tend to find significant statement pieces that stand out and at no cost to me. I did try to find a similar shirt but I am yet to.

The purse is the Tory Burch Penelope tote in black. It's a very classic bag and is pretty formal in terms of occasions, but it made an otherwise casual look seem a lot more sophisticated.  The structure and construction of it is something a knock off or similar bag can not give.  Plus it's not a trendy bag, so it's timeless.

Similar options with the same classic shape...that are way way cheaper 

The pants are from express: Zelda legging jeans - http://goo.gl/SePYL4
I hate express jeans by the way.  They have no room for curves whatsoever. I believe they make their clothes for mannequins.  I know it's not 2003 anymore but I love Seven Jeans.I have a white pair that fits so much better, but yeah, I had the express jeans on hand and it looked "aight" 
Now the shoes were a true steal. I got them last Christmas while Christmas shopping.  They are forever 21 and were on clearance for $9.00. I have searched high and low and yet I have not been able to find them.  The reason I got them was because they looked so similar to the YSL tribute! I fell in love with the tributes in the gold and black and obsessed over them night and day.  Some how the universe brought me to Forever 21 and showed me these! They apparently also look like a pair of Tom Ford shoes.

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