Sunday, September 7

GIAMA Award Show Prep.

This past weekend was the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards. This is an award show that honors African Movies and Film stars. The African movie industry is not only getting better in content and quality but also has Amazingly talented stars. When I first moved to the states I would wait at the end of the movies to see if there was an African name, even if it was just an extra or a stage hand I would get excited. Now it's common to see African (I get reaaaalllly excited to see Nigerian names) as leads, prominent characters or writer and producers. Dayo Okeniyi, Chiwetelu Ejiofor, Ashley Maduekwe, Djimon Hounsou and Peter Mensah are just a few of the recognizable African talent out in Hollywood. 

GIAMA honors those in African entertainment and I get really excited to see that we are carving a name for ourselves worldwide.

Anytime I get a chance to dress up in  Vintage or Pin up clothing i take it. It feels like I'm being transported back in time. I originally had a simple modern red carpet black dress in mind but at the last minute, I decided to go Retro.  Luckily I didn't wear it because there was another gorgeous lady in the exact same dress on the red carpet!!!! I'll save that dress for another day, and hopefully I wouldn't have a twin.

My top dress selections are below; 

1. 80's Bridesmaid Special 

I was 100% in love with this dress! The pink pepto bismol, ruffled taffeta made me feel like Drew Barrymore in the wedding singer or if I put my hair up in a crinkled side pony tail wore some fishnet gloves I would be Cyndi Lauper. 
But it needed so much alterations and it would work better a Halloween event than a movie award show.

2. Simply Teal 

Now this simple stunning dress fit like a dream and is currently hanging in my closet waiting for its time to shine. Just a simple gown in a beautiful teal color. The picture does this dress no justice! 
Although it was gorgeous I decided to save it for another occasion that wasn't as glamorous.

3. Deep V Plunge 

I love wearing sweater dresses! Unfortunately, Houston doesn't get cold until late November. It's late October and we still have 80 -90 degree weather constantly. This dress needed a few alterations to adjust the fit but look at the back! Now I'm excited for winter! I can't wait to wear this!

4. And the GIAMA goes to.....

Finally, I found a glamorous vintage J. Ellis dress that didn't even need a stitch of alteration! It was as is if it was waiting for me. 

The simple embroidered white halter and fitted bodice with a high slit and the detailed back was simply stunning. When the sales lady told me it came with gloves I almost fainted out of excitement. 


Once I had the gloves on, it was a no brainier as to what outfit I had to wear for the GIAMA award show. The best part was the price! Being a diva on a budget, you know I got a great deal. The outfit cost $30.00 gloves and all!!! Who can beat that! The jewelry (Swarovski) and shoes (Forever 21) already belong to Ari's Boutique de Closet (aka my closet). 

It was a really great show, even though it dragged on for a little bit. Overall, I enjoyed hobnobbing with the  Actors, Actresses and Entertainers at the show. I definitely loved Seyi Brown and the C.E.O dancers performances. Since I got a million questions in my dms and random people trying to pad me down, I'll just go ahead and answer for the ladies asking, I did not have a corset under the dress. It would have been completely visible especially since the back wasn't fully covered. 

And moving on to the rest of the are a few pictures.
Oh just harassing the handsome Nollywood and GhollyWood film actor Majid Michael

One of Nigeria's Funniest and extremely talented Djs - DjWoske

Houston's Nigerian handsome actor and R&B vocalist Eno Williams who was also nominated.

And Actor Alexx Ekubo who plays the Johnny from Yemi Alades hit song - Johnny

Director Robert Peters, who won 4 awards that night. Oh and he promised me a role in the next big movie..... Well he didn't exactly say yes, but he'll come around! 

And the best part was hanging out with my beautiful sisters and gorgeous friends.

Tariere (@tari_bob) looked gorgeous in this custom made lace gown. She's very stylish and If you want to custom order in the Houston area, MaxxArt designs is taking orders, email her @

With Houston Model Mma face of Houston's yummiest soul food restaurant, Soul2Soul Cafe in Houston (@thisissoultosoul). It's off Highway 6 and Bellaire.

And she is always laughing.

And sisters that glam together stay together 

With the beautiful Bethany (@beth_oh) who is an actress, writer and a great chef! She caters too! Hit her up for your occasions 
Anita (@alabasterlove) Bethany and Tariere.These beauties can work the camera, I think I should start a model management company.
With the Gorgeous Bethany (Instagram - @beth_oh)

Well, Ispent most of my night stalking the handsome Ghanaian Actor Majid Michael, I mean what else was a girl supposed to do? I think this was right after I asked him to marry me and he called security.

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