Friday, May 23

My Angelina Jolie Flash Horror Story!

So I finally had my celebrity look alike moment a few weeks ago, but it was a disastrous moment and not as glamorous as I imagined.

My fiasco happened a few nights before Angelina's red carpet appearance. Luckily, I wasn't going to a movie screening, but it was a night out with family at the San Antonio River Walk. I give you Exhibit A. 

I was running late and did a hurried application of my makeup. When I got into the car and took a few selfies before we arrived at the River Walk because I was aware that my application was nonsense. My lipstick was smudged, my eyeliner was not even....etc...but I was not prepared for the white face! I turned to my sister and asked why she did not tell me! She hadn't noticed it in regular lighting, but the flash had picked up on all the white pigments of my translucent powder!

There's my lovely sister pouting in the picture
I was trying all I could to blend it in all the way with a kleenex.

Eventually, I got it all together before we arrived, and luckily for me I already had a few tricks for avoiding the translucent powder disaster!
Looking so much better with my other gorgeous sister on the San Antonio River walk boat tour

Even though I wasn't on the red carpet when this happened, I still wouldn't want to be pictured like this. Thankfully I now know a few things about dealing with translucent powder so you can avoid this. I will post the tips below.

Here are some more red carpet translucent powder disasters!

Oh and here is a picture of Angelina in normal light without the flash hitting directly at the pigments, you cant tell anything is wrong with her make up

Translucent powder is sheer and goes on clear when blended in well. It helps to set your makeup and control shine. It also gives a matte finish and an airbrushed look. 

The translucent powder I use is the Make up forever HD Microfinish powder. I got it from Sephora for $34.00. For a cheap skate like me, it is pricey, but it lasts for ever and gives a flawless finish so it is worth it for that tiny jar. Trust me, a little goes a long way.

If you don't want to spend that much but want to try a translucent powder, NYX has its own HD Finishing powder which you can get for 9.99 at Ulta or at most beauty supplies and E.L.F also has one too that is $6.99 at Target. You can probably find them online at amazon.

So a few tips on dealing with Translucent powder.

1. Translucent powder works best on oily skin or WELL moisturized skin. Do not use if you have really dry skin you might come out ashy or gray or just white! The white powder works on all skin tones (I'm chocolate and it works with my nutella skin) but there are lots of other brands that have a tint to their translucent powders like  Laura Mercier. (

2. Blend. Blend with a large fluffy brush. Blend. Blend. Blend. 

3. Always take a picture with flash before you leave your house, or car. That way you are not horrified when people tag you in pictures and you look like Lindsey with coke all over her face Pre and Post rehab.  (P.S. I love you Lindsey....please wear a bra)

4. I skipped this last step that night because I had packed horribly for this trip but I always use a setting, or finishing spray after I apply my translucent powder. I just couldn't find it! This usually helps absorb the powder and makes the unblended pigments less visible. Plus it sets your make up. I use the E.L.F setting spray its $3.00 at Target ( I used to use MAC's Fix Plus, its $21.00 ( but I'm cheap and the $3.00 elf works just fine and dandy. NYX also has a really affordable setting spray that you can get on line or at most beauty supplies for $6.99 (

Avoid disaster darling and stay chic.

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  1. I had no idea such a thing could happen until you brought this to my attention! I am so happy that you fixed it before you arrived! Thanks so much for the tips!