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Getting Summer Ready: Waist Training


Some people call it corset training, waist training, tight lacing, steel bone shaping ... different names, same thing!
The aim of Waist Training is to narrow the waist line or reshape it by wearing corsets. SIMPLE.


Its been done in different eras, and even though the corset is not as harsh as it used to be, its the same basic principle in its structure and the results women want to achieve.

I am not dealing with the history or the feminine rights/ movement section of this and I am not a Medical Doctor. This is simply my journey, methods and results so far.


A few years ago waist training came back in style after people like Dita Von Teese (shown above) and other hour glass shaped curvy women became more popular in mainstream. Then celebrities started using it and then the people followed

So theres the steel bone corsets, the regular waist shapers you see all over instagram and social media and the  sports training corset.

The steel bone corsets like the kind Dita and a lot of Pinups use are really hard core. Its more like the original from yesteryears and requires help in lacing it up. Theses are usually worn 18 to 24 hours for a couple of years! YYIIIKEEES! 

I'm not that dedicated. Lol. So I got the regular ones.

I purchased my corset last year around August last year. I first got the the regular waist shspers. I started by wearing my waist shaper, seen below, for 6 -8 hrs while at work. I would wear it in the morning, take it off around lunch time and then put it on again till work was over. 

I hated this! 

My skin was always itchy underneath it, no matter how much shae butter or body oil or body lotion I used with it, but since I wanted to have that figure I kept using it. 

I started seeing results within a month or so of using it. For starters my posture was better, the corset forces you to lose the slouch and sit/ stand like a lady. 

The picture above was from Halloween. I had not changed my diet or started any meaningful work out programs. I just wore the corsets while at work and not even on the weekends.

But towards the end of October I was over it and just stopped wearing it.  I gave up on using it because it seemed to aggravate my pre existing gall bladder issues. I started having more frequent and more painful gall stone attacks.

Well, I still wanted to see a curvaceous body in the mirror, so I started using the Sports training corset. This material is a lot more flexible, it's easy to wash and it's also very breathable which makes it great for working out! On the downside it is not as tight as the regular waist trainer, hitch is a plus for my gall bladder.
The above picture was from around end of October  last year and my waist line was about 38.5 inches and my hips around 44. I was between a size 12 and 14. I really wasn't working out like I was supposed to. I had seen a difference from using the corset but I switched to using the sports trainer because it was easier on my stomach. 
 By the end of the year there was a bit of a difference in my waist line. I was so till the same size but my waist line had reduced and was around a 36.

This picture was from November/December. I had the dress for a while but it would not zip up past my butt. I was only too excited to be able to wear it even though I had barely changed anything.

Also another reason for the change in my waistline was because it restricts how much one can it while you have it on. My problem is not meals, I'm pretty decent in my food choices about 60% of the time but I love to snack between meals and chips, cinnabons and donuts or any type of fried dough glazed with sugar or fries or cookies or cupcakes.....I can go on. Since I had my corset on most of the day apart from breakfast and lunch time, I couldn't stuff my face with cupcakes and donuts and cupcakes ....and chocolate croissants!
One of my New Years resolution was to be a little more active. Even if I was going to work out once a week, I did it. I don't like working out. I know, I'm not a bog fan of weight training my arms and shoulders looooove to bulk up and it's not fun for me. I tried to stick with cardio.

This picture above was around January. I became more consistent in my routine of wearing the corset and doing cardio. I started doing cardio about once a week. I mostly did 20 to 30 minutes on the elliptical or slow walk on the treadmill or if I had a chance a walk/jog outside. I don't like walking outside.

 For the sports trainer, I wear it when doing cardio and for about six plus hours before any event. It makes a difference...a significant difference.

With doing cardio and wearing the corset. My waist line changed so drastically. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I liked it! And that got me into doing more. I went from doing 20 minutes with it on mostly once a week to getting on the elliptical for 30 -45 minutes with it on at least twice a week! More cardio with the shaper made the biggest difference in my waist line.

Seeing results became kind of addicting. Once you see it, trust me, you won't want it to go away. By March April, I wanted to see more than just my waistline I wanted to go back to a size 10/12. I wanted a full body work out and help with other things. I added Pilates at Hardcore Pilates. Started using my itworks fat fighters when I went out for my carb overload and also used the wraps. 

In a few weeks everything started changing. My clothes fit better, my size 14 pants weren't fitting. I could wear all my old dresses!

The corset gave me a jump start to target my most troubled area (my waistline) and I love the results. After seeing the results, I was motivated to aim for more than a tiny waist. I started eating a lot better. I noticed I was eating crappy most times and healthy occasionally.

 I stopped eating past 7/8. I ate about 4to 5 times daily. I still had my carbs and cupcakes but it was mostly during the day and never at night and anytime I ate carbs I popped my fat fighter.

By May, I got to where I wanted to be. I am size 10/12 waist line is 32 and I'm able to do more! 
I think using just one method can get you results but by combining different things I saw more drastic and faster results. It does cost money, but at the end of the day you have one life, so why not live it looking and feeling your best.

This picture was from February 2013! I'm back to wearing this size and these clothes.

Being frugal is one thing, but investing time and money on yourself is the best thing you can give yourself. Trust me darling, you're worth it.

And you know a lot of celebrities have come out with their pictures in corsets from shapers to sprts training.

What not to Do with a corset!

1. It is not an outer garment. Unless it's actually hanging in a clothing store and meant as a top, or you're a burlesque dancer or work at the Renaissance festival or you are Mary Antionnete it's a NO

2. It's not an undergarment. It's quite restricting and you can't eat and it defeats the purpose of training since it is only worn as spanx.

3. Since many factors cause weight gain,relying on one thing to lose wight is not exactly rational. Find out what works for you and stick to it! Results will follow ;)

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