Wednesday, July 9

Lipstick/Lipgloss Haul ....for super cheap!

Its been suuuuuper hectic lately. Trying to juggle a chaotic schedule with moving to a new apartment and a longer and more tasking work day have been driving me crazy. 

As if that isn't enough stress, in the process of moving,  I lost one of my make up bags ....the one with lipsticks and glosses.

Only one thing left to do....Shopping Time!!!!

...but of course it was on a budget, no need to spend a fortune. Details below!


  1.  Wet 'n' Wild  511B Nouveau Pink - $0.69

2.Wet 'n' Wild 514A Cherry Frost- $0.69

3. Wet 'n' Wild Fuschia with Blue Pearl- $0.69

4.* Wet 'n' Wild Dark wine - $0.69

5. Revlon Raisin - $1.49

6.Covergirl Blast Flipstic #810 glimmer lieur - $2.39


1. Victoria's Secret Lip gloss Passion Fruit Pop - 2 for $7.00
2.Victoria's Secret Lip gloss Juiced Berry - 2 for $7.00

Favorite lip gloss right now is the Victoria's Secret Lip gloss in Passion Fruit Pop
Favorite light lipstick is Wet 'n' Wild Fuchsia with Blue Pearl
Favorite Dark lipstick is Wet 'n' Wild Dark wine

MAJOR THUMBS DOWN and not worth the price (($1.49) Revlon Raisin - I had to layer it on thick, over and over and over again.  And it didn't last a minute. I got more color from my cherry chapstick! 

MAJOR "MEH"! Covergirl Blast Flipstic #810 glimmer lieur even though it was on sale it didn't really look as Ombre as I expected.  Plus its kind of messy and hard to  maneuver both colors....or maybe I should just leave ombre lips to professionals

I did use some lipliners with the lipsticks (not the Lip gloss). List of lip liners below. 
*NYX Cola
*MAC currant
*NYX Pinky

Which ones have you tried? Which ones do you like? I got all lipsticks on sale at my local Walgreens store in Houston and the Lipglosses are from Victoria secrets (Semi Annual Sale) plus I got some fragrances and body lotions too. I should have probably picked up some new bras as well since everything was 40 - 70% off

Also picked up Bath and Body Works Body washes, body scrubs, lotions, hand washing liquids and hand sanitizers! Almost everything was $3.00!!!  They were having a huge sale too.

PS; They are sister companies and they usually have their major sales around the same time!

Happy Splurging...on a budget!


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