Friday, April 18

How to make your skin glow without the sun!

Since winter is taking Forever to turn into spring, I have a few tips to make the glow come from you...and here they are.

1. Facial cleanse (oil facial) - Get soft, clean, make up free skin from your pantry.
 Using equal parts, mix castor and olive oil in a clean container.

  •  Pour a quarter size amount, in your palm and massage all over your face and let is sit on skin for a few minutes.

  • Now for the good part - STEAMING - soak a facial towel under hot water, squeeze out the excess and place towel on your face and enjoy the relaxing steam.

  • Repeat steaming again if needed then use towel to wipe off all the dirt and make up off your face. 

You can stop here or use a gentle skin toner to wipe face (I use Skin success or Clinique #2)

 and follow with moisturizer. (I use natural raw Shea butter at night)

2. Make -upLAURA MERCIER Foundation Primer - Radiance

I am so in love with this primer! I use it under my foundation as usual and sometimes I use it just by itself for an au naturale glow! It works great with my dark chocolate skin so it is definitely good for ethnic skin!

Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer - Radiance
3. Body Exfoliation
About once or twice a month, I use a Body brush to exfoliate my skin allover...and it feels amazing. Before I get in the shower, I use the brush dry around my thighs and butt (the little that I have), it prevents build up of cellulite and we all know prevention is better than cure!

Bernard Jensen Products             Skin Brush Natural Bristles Long Handle, 1.0 Each , Piece(S)

Then I moisturize with Neutrogena sesame oil and Cocoa butter or Shea butter.

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