Friday, June 20

Getting Summer Ready! Beauty Trend:Charcoal

Ready for the summer???
Well let's get you ready with the latest beauty trend!  Starting with the Face. The latest product additive in skin care products is Charcoal! 

There are so many uses for coal in your beauty regimen and tons of ways to use it. 

The best tips so far I got from these blogs above. I am fascinated with the teeth whitening but I decided to try a facial treatment, I'm still kind of eeky about putting coal in my mouth.

There are a lot of products in different price ranges for skin care products but for a super strict budget, you can buy the activated charcoal capsules at any local drug store and add it to your favorite facial mask or scrub. 

All right! First things first! CLEANSE. 
I use cetaphil as a daily cleanser. It's relatively cheap, doesn't dry out my skin and the bottle lasts a good while. I used to use Clinique washes and soaps, and  even though they were gentle on my skin,  it was very drying. 

I am still in love with my St. Ives scrub, for $2.00 what's not to love!
 On my really bad acne days (usually that special time when mother nature stops by) I use my neutrogena oil free acne wash.
I also use my Clarisonic brush from time to time, I am not consistent with it though. I use the sensitive brush head.  It's definitely worth it and I have had no problems with break outs from using it. I have had it for about 4 years I  just replace the brush head about 2 times a year because I don't use it daily.
Olay, Neutrogena and Proactive have  more affordable options  that can fit in any budget.

Clarisonic Mia brush - $99.00  Nordstroms - 

Olay Pro X - $22.00 -

Neutrogena Wave - $10.00 - Ulta -

Proactiv - $0.00 - Yup its free with your $20 Three step plan.

Finally the MASK!!!
I used Biore self heating mask. It has charcoal in it and it only needs to be on for a minute!
This is great for combination and oily skin types. 

For starters, it goes on easy and heats up quickly. It's quite relaxing. Felt like a real spa treatment. Plus it doesn't dry up and cake up and turn you into a stiff zombie. 

I did leave it on longer than one minute, that did not seem to make do any harm. I had it on for about 30 minutes, but once I rinsed it off I hit the sack! 

My oily/ combination skin loooooved this mask. Apparently the heating opens up your pores and allows the product to penetrate into the pores and unclog them and clear out trapped dirt and oil. Did I say it felt amazing? 
This is from the morning after. No make up and no filter and no pores! Well....smaller pores😉

There are other charcoal skincare products other than masks that I didn't try.Biore has a facial wash as well as the mask, Garnier has a scrub and Boscia has pore refining strips.

Next on my list, the strips and then maybe I'll try the teeth whitening with the charcoal. 

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